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Hakim (Last update: March 2024)

1 year with Cnexia as an L&D Strategist and Instructional Designer
Cnexia is a customer service and tech company, specializing in innovative solutions.
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2 years with LCI LX as an Instructional Designer/Writer
LCI LX is a multinational company whose main activity is the digitization of training and digital learning.
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Current experience: Instructional Design Consultant and Learning Projects Manager Within Expleo Group
Expleo is a global company that assists businesses with engineering, technology, and consulting services.
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Volunteering Projects
Bird Of Wisdom Initiative
The "Bird of Wisdom" is a symbol of creativity and self-reliance. I may have initiated it, but I deeply believe that this "Bird of Wisdom" resides within every individual. #Hakim
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L&D Strategist With CICADA Signe
CICADA is a project focused on developing an E-Learning platform, specifically tailored to facilitate learning in American Sign Language (ASL). Its objective is to empower deaf learners by equipping them with knowledge and digital skills. #Hakim
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L&D Strategist With Creadigity
Creadigity is a community of creative people who are passionate about developing their talents and learning more skills and practicing them in online projects. creadigity's mission is to create a community of experts in different fields that touch the digital world and who are ready to use their skills to serve clients with online projects that require expertise and creativity. #Hakim
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Freelance Projects
Curriculum Developer With Easy Finance Academy Inc
A project aims to digitize the raw content of a training project related to the stock market, my intervention consisted in analyzing the content, preparing the architecture of the training, writing the scripts ready to be produced in different E_learning tools, and providing pedagogical support during production.
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Instructional Design Specialist With Special Event Proz
Via Upwork, I collaborated with Mr. Micheal w. in the redesign of their training material aimed at integrating new talents into their daily professional activities, through content audits, development of pedagogical architectures, co-creation of training materials and quizzes and finally managing their deployment in the LMS.
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Web Content Writer / Digital Learning Consultant With Ispring Solutions
I had the opportunity to collaborate with iSpring , a leading e-learning software. My collaborations have involved creating compelling and informative content on how to effectively utilize iSpring Suite's features for creating engaging and interactive online courses. It has been a fulfilling experience to contribute to the promotion of iSpring Suite as a powerful tool for designing effective digital learning experiences.
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Would you like to see some of my creative works?
Bird Of Wisdom Library
A digital library where I strive to add something new every day. The content I share is diverse, including galleries, articles, videos, podcasts, blogs, etc
Bird Of Wisdom Newsletter
More than 90 articles in English and French where I wrote about various topics related to learning, education, philosophy, society, and psychology.
Learn how to be A Global Student !
A micro-training designed using Genially, where I attempted to explain the 10 attributes of the ACCORDEA model, which assists in becoming a global student.
The Power of Imagination !
I Love Storytelling !
This is the first blog I started in my life; it was in 2014, and it's in Arabic! I hope you are okay with this language.
Learning new technologies !
A lesson in French on how to learn technology to develop your learning skills and strategies.

Some of the recordings for the lessons I organized and facilitated online vary in topics from video to video, but they all share the spirit of love and passion I have for learning. #Hakim

Out of context… Music that might inspire you. #Hakim

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